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Bill and Linda Studley do the creative

Between the two of them, they play in many different creative genres.

Perhaps you've read Linda's poetry but didn't know that she is also a singer/songwriter.

Or you've heard Bill sing his ever popular version of "Jingle Bells" but didn't realize that he is a recording and production technician and the song was recorded right in their home studio; Chickadee Ridge Studio.

Maybe you've seen the CD covers for Linda's two original CDs "New Traditions" and "Breathe" and the one for the duo's seasonal CD "This Christmas" but didn't know that Linda created the artwork and did the CD design and manufacture.

Linda and Bill wear many creative hats. This website is an attempt to corral all those hats onto one hat rack - so you can have fun discovering and sharing this creative playground.

Linda's Bio

Linda Connell Studley is a Canadian musician, songwriter, vocalist, performer, and artist who plays guitar, bodhran (Irish drum), and bass. Linda’s repertoire includes original and cover music in the folk, jazz, country and easy listening genres.

As a director of the Peace Region Songwriters’ Association for over 10 years, she has hosted and facilitated songwriters’ workshops and songwriters’ circles. Linda has written theme songs for special events, AIDS Awareness, and other charitable causes and educational programs.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Linda is now based out of northern British Columbia. Since her first appearance onstage in Montreal in 1973, she has played a wide variety of venues from festivals to private concerts and has been featured live on CBC Radio.  She is a versatile vocalist and writer whose musical career and song writing has encompassed traditional/folk music, rock and roll, pop, country, blues and jazz.

Linda is also an author with one book of poetry "Falling Awake" published and a second one in the works. Her artwork can be seen here and on the book and CD covers she designs.  Linda has worked on websites and printed books as a researcher and writer and offers proofing and editing services.

She is a self professed 'craft-aholic' who loves to explore new ways to create beautiful things.

Bill's Bio

Bill was raised on a small farm in Sunrise Valley, about 25 miles west of Dawson Creek BC. He grew up listening to Country and Western music on the local radio station, CJDC in Dawson Creek and old time country music has been a lifelong influence on his writing and composing.

He learned his first guitar chords from some talented local musicians including the late Keray Regan, and has been playing in bands and writing and singing songs since childhood.

In the 1980’s he formed Eagle Valley Band along with long-time friend, Ron Horne, and soon they hired Linda as the female vocalist for the band. Later, Bill and Linda became an item, and they have written, played, and performed together ever since, under various names.

Originally the duo called themselves Crossroads, then the movie came out and made the name Crossroads synonymous with Blues. At that point they changed the name to Country Crossroads, and finally to Chickadee Ridge – named for a natural land formation on their property in Farmington BC.

Bill plays guitar and is also a sound and recording engineer (Chickadee Ridge Studio).

Bill is also an accomplished knife maker and creates elegant, one of a kind, folding knives and fixed blade knives.